Status Bracelet Explained

Status Bracelet Explained

Status Bracelet Explained

 Getting to know new people takes a lot of energy and may leave you feeling like you’ve heard it all before, including questions like ‘what do you do for fun?’... ‘What’s your zodiac sign?’... or even, ‘what are you looking for in a relationship?’. Aphroditte has the solution. Our designer status bracelets showcase your intentions, preferences, and unique combination of interests - giving strangers a sneak peek at who you are and what you like so you can skip the small talk.

Share Your Relationship Status

 Relationship statuses can get complicated. Attaching a My Relationship Coditte to your Aphroditte bracelet shows the community who you’re with and what you’re looking for. Gone are the days of simply being single, married, or divorced. Our bracelets give you the chance to instantly communicate nuanced relationship statuses with unique needs, such as ‘divorced with children’, ‘in an open marriage’, or ‘looking for forbidden love’.

 You can wear any combination of Aphroditte Codittes to communicate your situation without saying a word. Sharing what you’re looking for from a partner right off the bat saves you time and awkward conversations a few dates down the line.

Religious Values

 Religious values and beliefs are crucial talking points with a new partner. Your faith determines how you live your life, and you want to find people who respect your lifestyle and fit into it with ease. Our Faith Coditte collection features simple, elegant stainless steel designs to help you share your beliefs, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Atheism.

Sexual Preferences

 Potential partners can’t know where you lie on the spectrum of sexuality without asking you about it. The Aphroditte sexual orientation Codittes showcase what communities you most identify with in one elegant piece of jewelry. Sharing your orientation helps you find matches that accept you for who you are right from the start. You can also add a My Sex Coditte to your bracelet or necklace to help others understand what level of sexual commitment you want.

Interests And Hobbies

 Connecting with someone that shares similar interests to your own can help you build a meaningful friendship or romantic relationship. Sharing your hobbies with others can make them more memorable and enjoyable. Our Interest Codittes slide onto any Aphroditte bracelet or choker - letting you show off what you love online and in person. We help you share your favorite sports, outdoor activities, hobbies, and environmental causes in one elegant accessory.


 If you understand astrology, you know the importance of filling your life with people that match your energy. Adding a Horoscope Coditte to your Aphroditte jewelry is convenient for sharing your sun sign with the new people you meet. Our minimalist design collection features the twelve signs of the zodiac - serving as a timeless complement to your other Codittes.


We designed our Aphroditte bracelet collection to help you share your personality with the world in person and online in our dating app communities. Our simple, stylish jewelry enables you to make a statement about who you are and what you value - attracting like-minded people for deeper friendships and romantic relationships.


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