How to Find Your Perfect Match

How to Find Your Perfect Match

How to Find Your Perfect Match

 Dating is exciting and teaches you about yourself as you get to know other people. It’s an opportunity for you to go out, dress up, and show off your best side to someone new. Eventually, you start hoping to meet someone you could have a good relationship with long-term, and you may begin asking yourself, “how do I find my perfect match?” Aphroditte is a unique dating platform that combines tech and fashion for a streamlined dating experience. In this article, we share our top tips for finding the one.

 Be Honest

 Being honest is the first step to finding a good match online. You should know what you want when you join a local dating app, learning how to be unapologetically expressive about what makes you tick. The right person will value (and even admire) your honesty and accept you long after you share all your boundaries and non-negotiables. Finding someone fun can take seconds but being honest with yourself and others helps you forge long-lasting connections.

Know What You Like

 Why not sit down with yourself and take notes if you hope to find someone that ticks all your boxes. Sometimes what you enjoy in a person might not align with society’s version of a perfect relationship - and that’s okay. Be brutally honest about what you value most in a partner - is it their looks, charisma, status, humor, values, or career choices? There is no right answer. Knowing yourself is a crucial part of sharing yourself.

Notice How You Feel Around Them

 Sometimes someone looks good on paper but leaves you feeling disappointed after you spend time with them. Trust your gut, and don’t ignore negative feelings about a new partner or love interest. If you’re having trouble catching the warning signs, think about your previous dating experiences and remind yourself of things that made you unhappy in the past. A perfect match should bring out the best version of you.

Look For Balance

 Opposites do attract from time to time, and it’s often helpful to date someone with complementary personality traits to balance your own. Find someone that lets you express your fun, fashionable side without trying to steal the spotlight and gives you space to be you without feeling like you need to change for them. You’ll know you’ve found a good match when there is synergy between you and your partner - allowing you to be yourself and enjoy their company at the same time.

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