How to Find People Who Share the Same Interests as You

How to Find People Who Share the Same Interests as You

How to Find People Who Share the Same Interests as You

 Whether you’re looking for new friends or searching for your soulmate, meeting new people can be difficult, especially when you’re new in town and don’t know any locals. Luckily, there are now more ways than ever to meet people online with dating apps, groups, and virtual communities. Expanding your social circle is fun and exciting, and finding people with similar interests is a perfect place to start. Here’s how to find like-minded people online for better connections in person.


 Make Your Profile a Place for What You Love

 Creating a profile you are proud of is the first step to meeting like-minded people on a dating site or any social media app, for that matter. Your profile is someone’s virtual first impression of you, and if you’re trying to meet people that share your interests, you should showcase them to attract your tribe. Publish your hobbies online, choose pictures that capture your passions, and share your favorite places to embody the type of person you want to meet.

Join Social Events and Clubs IRL

 Joining clubs in real life can be scary or overwhelming when you don’t know anyone else—sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone is necessary if you want to meet new types of people that can add value to your life. Societies, elite singles mixers, academic clubs, and sports teams are great places to meet people with similar interests to your own. Consider joining an online community to start chatting to new people virtually - eventually, the opportunity to meet up in person will arise - take it!

Skip Crowded Places for Meetups and Dates

When you decide to meet up with a potential friend or go on a date with someone new, you’ll want to avoid noisy, crowded places like nightclubs for the first few outings. Instead, choose a fun activity to do together in line with your shared interests to bond over the things you enjoy. Going for a meal, a picnic, or a walk outdoors are good options for excursions that promote conversation. You want to chat to the new people you meet to get to know them and find common ground.


Keep the Conversation Flowing Online

 Aim to be intentional about talking to people online when you’re trying to build meaningful relationships with them. Don’t chat to people when you’re distracted - this makes for broken conversation and low-quality talking points. Let someone know when you’re free to chat and spend your time asking them questions about who they are and what they enjoy. If the conversation is going well, bring up a potential meet-up opportunity to keep the energy flowing in real life.


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