How to find Business Contacts while Traveling

How to find Business Contacts while Traveling

Finding business contacts abroad is an excellent way to expand your professional network and catch more international career opportunities. Online networking is becoming the most popular way to meet like-minded entrepreneurs worldwide through social apps unrestricted by borders. So, how do you make business connections while you’re traveling? We’ve put together four tips for travelers to help you meet more business contacts online when you’re on the move.


You set your dating apps and social media to target specific locations so you can find potential matches in your area. Before starting your journey, update your membership to reflect your destination as the primary area around which to search for connections. Make this change a few days before you leave to start matching with potential business contacts in advance. This way, you will have time to chat online before meeting up in person once you land.


Dating apps are no longer just for finding a romantic relationship - you can find countless business opportunities online by meeting up with new people from your economic niche. Make it clear that you are looking for professional relationships by updating your bio and stating your intentions. Set yourself up for success by linking to your profiles on business-focused platforms, your website, and your professional portfolio.


Traveling for business often means attending industry seminars and workshops. Find out about additional local business talks and events you can add to your itinerary and look for other attendees online. Planning to meet at the event is ideal for getting to know a potential business contact in person in a professional setting. Locals are usually glad to show you around and introduce you to other professionals after your initial meet-up.


Always consider how you can add value to a new contact’s career and express that in your initial online conversations. Aim for a balance between friendly and professional in your introduction - keep it simple with clear intentions and a few straightforward questions. Research the person before you approach them online to ask more focused questions that lead to stronger connections. Once you’ve met up with a business contact, make sure you follow up with them within a few days.

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