101 of Online Dating

101 of Online Dating

Online dating has taken the lead as the easiest way to meet new people, and dating sites keep evolving to help singles connect with more like-minded suitors. So, how do you navigate the complex and ever-changing world of online dating with little to no experience? The Aphroditte team has put together some tips to help online dating newbies meet elite singles and crush the virtual dating scene.


The first rule of online dating is to know what you want and make your intentions clear. Take the time to think about what type of relationship you’re looking for - are you hoping to find your life partner, a casual companion, a purely physical connection, or a friend to expand your social circle? Leading people on is not a good color on anyone. Tell your matches what you want from the get-go to avoid anyone getting hurt.


Successful online dating takes a lot of honesty. You must be honest with your matches and, more importantly, with yourself if you don’t want to be disappointed. Be honest about what you value most in a relationship, what your deal-breakers are, and what you expect from your partner. Be yourself as much as possible online and on dates if you’re hoping to build a real connection with someone. Set boundaries when you start dating, and don’t compromise on them!


Put some effort into creating your online dating profile. Your profile serves as your dates’ first impression of you, and you’ve got to make sure it stands out for the right reasons. Choose photos of yourself that make you feel confident and express your personality or display your interests. Make sure you use recent photos and don’t only post group pictures where your matches have to guess which one you are!


Meeting partners on a dating site gives you the unique opportunity to meet different types of people that you might never have met in person. Being open to new experiences can help reinforce your likes and dislikes, meet interesting individuals, and discover new skills and hobbies. If you’ve been on tons of bad dates, you might be looking in the wrong places! Go on dates with people outside of your usual ‘type’ to give you a fresh perspective and more chances to find something meaningful.

Joining the online dating world is the first step towards finding a partner that adds value to your life - whatever that means for you. Dating apps don’t need to be complicated - Aphroditte is a luxury dating platform designed to help you find your community with the help of our premium jewelry range.

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By name kenyi Julius. 20yrs. level of education first degree and I’m south sudanese looking for single and searching.

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